My name is Jill Scarr and I have lived in Northumberland all of my life. Born in Rothbury I have a deep rooted connection with the Coquet Valley and the Simonside Hills. I also love the beaches of Northumberland and the castles which are such a large part of Northumberland’s history.

I was born a Rutherford. A Border Reiver family and reminded by my father that we were a family of sheep stealers and cattle rustlers. I have yet to exploit my ignoble past.

Writing has always been part of my life. I can even remember the title of my first story ‘The Tale of Mr Humble Bumble, the Bumble Bee’. It was written in an exercise book and I illustrated it. I would be about ten. Writing has helped me through some difficult times and my first publication was in the British Medical Journal in 1995. An article called ‘Silent Suffering’ based on my experience of infertility. (BMJ Volume 311 p 1647)

I attended Creative Writing classes at the Women’s Health Advice Centre in Ashington and went on to join Wansbeck Writers. I became addicted to my writing and decided to take a year off work and complete a MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University. This was an amazing academic course where I met students from a range of ages, backgrounds and cultures and explored a world of reading and writing that inspired and enlightened.

I write short stories, creative non-fiction and I am currently writing a book set in my beloved Northumberland.

Married with a daughter, son, step-son and step-daughter, I live in Ashington. When I am not writing I work as a management consultant working across the country picking up locations and ideas for future stories.



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