And so it goes on …

This Easter weekend many families are unable to be together to enjoy the sunshine. In normal circumstances we would be at the beach, in the hills or enjoying barbecues with loved ones. In our case, probably not a barbecue as it always rained when we tried to have one and our children sat indoors watching through the window as Barry battled against the elements. We have been out for our usual walk around the park. Social distancing is generally being observed and Barry,  in his own usual style, is practising distancing from me. This is nothing new. The first photograph is from today and the second one from our walk in the Wolgan Valley when we were in Australia. I don’t take it personally.

I have not been motivated to practice my yoga for a week, so that is something I need to get back to. I was able to obtain a yoga wheel from the studio I attend and I think that as well as being practical it is an object of great beauty. What do you think? There are an array of yoga classes on offer for a small monthly fee including hatha, vinyasa, power, chakra and meditation as well as HIIT classes which I can’t do because of my decrepit knee. I still prefer the discipline of going to a class but this is a good option and there are lots of on-line classes around if you want to give it a go. I go to Soo Yoga in Northampton so have a look at their Facebook page They often offer on-line dance fitness classes taught by the amazing Kristina Rihanoff and family yoga sessions at weekends.


Last week, I bemoaned the fact that I hadn’t seen any lambs in the field. On my weekly shopping expedition I came back the ‘long’ way through the rural parts of Northamptonshire. Before anyone gets uppity about unnecessary journeys etc. I didn’t stop on the way back, I didn’t get out of the car and I had a boot full of shopping. What it did give me was a sense that there is still a world out there where new life is bursting forth despite the sadness, despair and uncertainty facing the country and the world. It gave me hope and a reminder that nature gives as well as takes.

I walk most days and I have been watching a horse chestnut tree in a field. Its leaves are beginning to unfold and the candles of blossom waiting to burst forth. I will use this as my seasonal barometer. I am sure people in the park think I am strange. I can be found staring up at trees and into hedges watching birds and listening to their song. I am sure they are enjoying the sunshine, less traffic noise and cleaner air. On Wednesday a pair of jays were sitting on the tree outside the flat.

I have bought a garden chair so I can make the most of the outside space. The ‘oldies’ were getting a bit twitchy when I was sitting on their garden bench.  I probably should have bought two but Barry can sit on the grass as I have a picnic blanket. (He will be delighted). Manfield Grange is looking very grand and the stained glass window is illuminated by the sun today.

Over the past three weeks I have been contemplating on life. Haven’t we all. We are defined by what we do and this normally relates to our work and professional life. When that is taken away then what do we become? I seem to have morphed into some sort of Stepford Wife carrying out household duties like cleaning,  cooking meals and generally ‘looking after’ Barry. Most of you will know that this is definitely not me who normally sticks two fingers up to any kind of domestic drudgery but when you can’t go anywhere then it is difficult not to do these tasks. Barry is working long hours in difficult circumstances so I do make allowances but how long I can sustain this perfection is open to debate. I am thinking about reinventing myself when all this is over.

It is my birthday on Sunday and I will be having a birthday cake (bought by me at Waitrose) and enjoying a lovely lunch cooked by my darling husband.He doesn’ know that yet.  It will be strange not being with my family but as long as they are safe and well I am happy. I will be 60 next year and had started a ’60 things to do before I am 60′ list. Many of the things on the list are seasonal and involve visiting places in the UK  (all shut) and travel to some different places abroad. I have renamed it ’61 things to do before I am 61′ instead, as there is no chance I will get through the list. I am hopeful that this will end and the world will reopen for business.

Have a good weekend and stay at home and be safe.



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